Croatia: Koncar Group plans 120MW Wind park

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Croatian Koncar Group announces diversification of its business and entrance into electricity production business.

Končar is building a WPP of 120 MW net capacity. Head of the Koncar Group management Darinko Bogo announced that the company is on the way to transform into a low carbon company that will be self-sustainable in the future.

As one of the steps on that road, they announced the constructuion of the wind farm Rust of net capacity 120 MW. They already have the main project certified and they are about to obtain the location permit. The wind farm in Dinara area is supposed to be built in six phases. Končar also announced that they will be building a FN power plant of net capacity 2 MW on Vis which is 3 million euro worth. They are also obtaining the location permit for it.

When it comes to this years business results consolidated income is estimated to 3 billion HRK which is 15% more than the year before. At the domestic market the company sold 1.7 billion HRK worth of products while the consolidated income before taxes was estimated to 148.6 million HRK. At the end of the year contracts signed are estimated to 3.6 billion HRK. Končar invested 124 million HRK, 40 percent of which was invested into development. This year a new generation transformer monitoring system was developed based on company’s own hardware and software solutions. Technical solution of the synchronized generator with the cylindrical rotor for small hydro power plants was optimised. Also a series of high power transformers with reduced losses was developed, transmits

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