Croatia: Krk terminal expects first LNG cargo for HEP

, SEE Energy News

At the LNG terminal on Krk island the first ship to deliver liquefied natural gas for Croatian power utility HEP, will arrive this week. The information was confirmed by HEP, who said that a tank with 900 GWh of gas would arrive at the terminal. This is only the second ship to arrive at the terminal since its commissioning on 1 January, because cargoes were redirected to Asian markets where record prices were reached in January. HEP will use gas for the needs of its own gas portfolio, i.e. electricity generation in thermal power plants, supply on the wholesale gas market and supply to HEP Plin’s retail customers. It should be noted that in 2019, almost half of natural gas in Croatia was traded on the wholesale market – HEP traded 26 % of total volume, followed by its subsidiary HEP Trgovina with 22.6 %. INA follows with 19.9 % of sold quantities of gas and Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo (PPD) with 14.3 %. In 2019, the total delivered amount of natural gas reached 26,297 GWh, which is 3.4 % more than in 2018. HEP contracted four LNG cargoes for this year.

The Krk terminal’s commercial operation finally launched on 1 January with the docking of the tanker Tristar Ruby, which delivered 155 thousand cubic meters of liquefied gas for the Hungarian gas trading company MFGK, a member of the MVM Group.