Croatia: LNG terminal and TPP Plomin C in the list of strategic investments

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In Croatia national energy investment framework two public and eight private projects have been reported to the Ministry of Economy that could enter the projects list of strategic investments. Unofficially projects of LNG Terminals on Krkislandand TPPPlomin C construction were submitted for getting that status, and provision of strategic projects status guarantees them easier and faster way to license.

From HEP’s project of TPP Plomin C construction will be no economic effect this year because there is no strategic partner, which should be known by the end of April. According the best preparatory version, works could start later this year. The making decisionon the Environmental Impact Study is underway for gas terminal on Krk, and public hearing was completed last week. However, even for this project thereare not investors, and it is certain that it will not be a state definitely.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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