Croatia: Market operator and TSO to establish the electricity stock exchange

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Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) and the Croatian Transmission System (HOPS) signed the Agreement on business cooperation in the establishment of the Croatian stock market of electricity, which, they say, should contribute to the development of wholesale market and connect Croatia with such stock markets in the region.

The operators of the electricity market and transmission system in a joint statement point out that, pursuant to the electricity market law, they are responsible for organizing the electricity stock exchange for physical trade of electricity throughout the country and its networking with other exchanges.

“In Croatia, it is necessary to organize the stock market of electrical energy which will contribute to the development of the wholesale market for physical delivery of electric energy for the day ahead and establish the preconditions for connecting the Croatian stock exchange, national stock markets of electricity in the region, in accordance with EU recommendations. Due to the successful realization of the project of connecting the electricity stock exchanges of northwestern Europe, the intention of the EU is to connect national electricity stock exchanges, including Croatia, until 31.12.2014 at the EU level” noted the operators.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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