Croatia: Market operator halts new purchase agreement from RES

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Croatian energy market operator (HROTE) announced on Wednesday, that in 2015 it will not continue concluding contracts on purchase of electricity on the basis of existing tariff system for generation from renewable energy sources and cogeneration, except contracts on purchase of electricity generated from facilities using solar energy and wind farms.

HROTE until further notice is unable to conclude new contracts for the purchase of electricity produced from plants using solar energy, since the existing tariff system does not predict an increase of already established power of such plants, that is quotas (5 megawatts (MW) – integrated solar power plants, 5 MW – non-integrated solar power plants and 2 MW – integrated solar power plants on buildings owned by government bodies, local governments and regional governments), it was said in a statement.

The mentioned total value of concluded contracts on the purchase from plants using solar energy has already been attained during 2014, so HROTE will reject all subsequent applications for contracts on the purchase from solar power plants, according to HROTE’s notice.
According to data from HROTE’s monthly reports, in November last year in the system of stimulation of renewable energy sources and cogeneration, there were 1,036 preferential producers, and the total installed capacity of all preferential producers amounted to little more than 368 MW.

The largest share in installed power belongs to 15 wind power plants with 297.3 MW of installed capacity, while individually the most represented are solar power plants, 992 of them, and their total power is 31.7 MW.
According to data from the report, which HROTE publishes on its website, a system of stimulation of electricity production also includes six hydropower plants with 1.5 MW of power, four biomass power plants with 7.7 MW of power, 12 biogas plants with 12.1 MW of power, one landfill gas power plant with 2 MW of power, one power plant on gas derived from the plant for waste water treatment with 2.5 MW of power, and five cogeneration plants with 13.3 MW of installed capacity.

According to data from the report, HROTE has also concluded 306 contracts on the purchase of electricity from plants that are not yet connected to the network, and the total capacity of these plants is 510 MW, out of which 437.7 MW relates to wind power and somewhat more than 24 MW to solar power plants.

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