Croatia: MB Holding Turkey to build 10MW geothermal plant

, SEE Energy News

The Turkish Company MB Holding will build the first geothermal power plant in Croatia, with ten megawatts of power, said Chairman of the Board of the Turkish company Muharrem Balat, and added that the project was worth 30 MEUR. Balat, who chairs the International Union geothermal energy, says the plan is that power plant in Croatia starts with operations in 2017th.

He explained that this company had lately focused on geothermal energy and it was working on such projects in Turkey and abroad.

Balat stressed that projects for the geothermal energy needed special machinery and that a longer period was required for its order, or purchase.

“First we have to measure the flow and the water heat and we are going to order a machine on that basis”, said Balat and announced that this project would start in March next year.




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