Croatia: MOL and EFT enter electricity market

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Croatian power utility HEP is getting new competitors beside RWE and GEN-I. Hungarian MOL and EFT arrive to the Croatian electric power market.

Both companies have been present for several years at the domestic scene through some other businesses, but now they are a competition to HEP, German RWE and Slovenian GENI in supplying the citizens and companies with electric power.

As the largest gas trader in central and south-east Europe, in 2013 MET Group took under lease several gas storages in Croatia and started to trade in gas. The license to trade in electric power they obtained in the end of last year

EFT is working all over Europe (in 17 countries), but in Turkey as well. The EFT Group obtained the license to supply electric power from HERA in September this year. To this company the most important is the investment in the Mine and TPP Stanari, which should deliver its first MW is 2016.

The number of companies offering electric power since the opening of the market till today is continually growing and there are 22 suppliers in Croatia currently, transmits