Croatia: MOL will sue Croatia because of gas business lossess

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Croatian Government and Hungarian MOL exchanged harsh messages related to INA in public and the unresolved situation about the biggest problem, these two shareholders have i.e. gas business, will transfer the conflict to the court.

MOL sent a letter to the Government where it threatens to charge all its lost purchases of gas business from INA, due to Croatian Government, in court.

MOL decided for this action because it needs to pay for purchasing, according to the Statute of Limitations, in the beginning of autumn. Croatian Government is not surprised with this turn of events because this purchasing is related to the contract signed by ex Government and MOL.

Government of Ivo Sander has obligated to buy Company “Prirodni plin” which deals with gas import and trade and which made losses, from INA in the contract signed in January 2009. Government of Jadranka Kosor made an agreement with Hungarians, according to which this transaction was postponed until 1 December 2012, but “Prirodni plin” Company is still owned by Ina.

Hungarians have threatened for several times, during the negotiations with ex and current Government, that they will ask at least 2 billion HRK from the state because this contract is not realized yet. MOL supposedly didn’t emphasized the whole fee amount but only a part related to the Statute of Limitation.

According to the unofficial information, this is a billion HRK amount.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Cro medias