Croatia; New TPP Plomin C on coal got support on experts public hearing meetings

30. April 2013. / SEE Energy News

Electricity from new Croatia TPP project Plomin C based on coal is still most competitive, experts stresses.

Authorities on the public hearing meeting organized on the subject TPP Plimin C organized by Cigre and Vecernji List supported coal use as energy in the future TPP Plomin C where HEP is searching for strategy partner at the moment.

Dr Mladen Zeljko from EIHP stated that information that electricity from coal is still the cheapest. Dr Vladimir Jelavic from Ekonerg said that Spatial Plan of Istra district which is on Plomin location predicts construction of TPP on gas, 310 MW strong, is not harmonized with national plan of spatial organization yet. He stressed that IGCC technology has not commercially come into force yet so that strategy partner in TPP Plomin C should count on buying emission permissions. “The price will doubtless decrease if emission permission prices increase”, Jelavic said.

Engineer Marijan Kalea was speaking about stability of coal price so he stated the example of Germany where electricity companies accomplish losses on sale of electricity produced from gas. “Croatia has imported 3,8 TWH of electricity in total while EU imported 4,7 TWH the same year and we should mention that this great year when it comes to hydro power. Croatia imported 45% of required electricity last year”, Kalea said and stated the row of information according to which win power plants are unstable source of energy, solar plants does not cover peak consumption and that 10.000 of biomass plants 50 KW strong should be constructed in order to provide amount of electricity that TPP Plomin C can.

Zeljko Tomsic from FER concluded that the worst decision is not to make a decision at all, so he stated a row of information according to which the coal is most competitive energy with biggest supplies properly ordered around the world. Gas and oil prices increase was significant in the last few years and coal price followed oil price in 2009 but it returned back on lower scales in the meantime. Gas price is very sensitive contrary to coal price and electricity price is 5 to 10% leveled according to decision about investment so it still has an advantage. He concluded that Europe will become strongly dependent of gas import so that it can’t count on significant benefit from unconventional gas reservoirs like USA. The only spokesman that didn’t supported TPP Plomin C on coal priori was Dr Davor Skrlec from FER who has spoken that EU countries and even neighbor Serbia highly estimate energy sector and they connect it with entrepreneurship and environmental protection often unlike Croatia where energy perception is out of date. Big mutual dependence of environmental protection, energy and climate changes is big in these countries and it will be expected from Croatia to follow green policy which we won’t create but richer and more successful countries will. He pleaded for good quality plans of spatial planning and making adaptation strategy for low coal economy predicted by Energy Roadmap 20150. Skrlec mentions OIE and energy efficiency as our attitudes.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies

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