Croatia: Oil company to modernize Rijeka refinery

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INA’s refinery in Urinj has 17 non-conformities to be solved in order to obtain the environmental permit. This showed the study of Eco Ina that was recently presented at the public display in Kostrena. In the process of obtaining permit, INA needs to compare the current situation in the refinery with the state of reference documents that define the best available techniques (BAT). Ina has to install particle separator in FCC unit and DENOX filters

Mirko Budisa, one of the makers the study pointed out that the number of defects is not large given the economic situation and investment. The refinery should be in line with the European Framework Directive by 2018, and Croatia regulation gives some earlier periods. As for the emission there are several non-compliances with the emission of particulates from the FCC, in which the particle separator should be installed.

On all large combustion plants so called DENOX burners should be installed to reduce nitrogen oxides. Local leaders were interested in the reduction of noise that should not be greater than 40 dB at night, and it goes up to 56 dB. Budisa said that daily values ​​are within permissible levels, and night values ​​have occasional peaks. Ministry of Environmental Protection ordered INA to measure the noise level and to develop an action plan for its reduction, if necessary.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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