Croatia: Oil imports & production stats 2015

, SEE Energy News

With often present oscillatory movement, in October this year 25,3 percent less oil was imported compared to October last year. Production (17,4 percent) and oil refining (3,3 percent) increased in the observed month.

In the first ten months this year in all three afore mentioned categories growth is recorded compared to the same period last year: production 17,4 percent, import 11,9 percent, oil refining 12,7 percent. With dynamic movement of unrefined oil, growth is recorded for oil products as well.  So in the first ten months this year there is a growth in the production of oil products for 8,2 percent, import for 10,6 percent and export for 23,2 percent. This year’s dynamic movement in oil product is partially the result of lower oil price in the world market and increased economic activity in Croatia.

In the oil products production there are negative movements and import increase, meaning that in 2014 there were 40 percent less oil products produced and 14 percent more imported compared to 2009. That changed the structure of products available for consumption, so the share of import in the available consumption of oil products in 2009 was 32 percent and in 2014 it was 53 percent, transmits