Croatia: Oil storage agreement between JANAF and Litasco

, SEE Energy News

Croatian oil transportation company JANAF is recognized as a stable and reliable partner to the users of its services and has ensured the high utilization of its storage capacities in the forthcoming period by concluding oil storage contracts with one of the world’s largest oil companies BP Oil International Limited (until the end of March 2021).

JANAF and Swiss Litasco have signed a new oil storage contract at Omisalj terminal for the period between 1 November 2020 and 30 April 2021.

JANAF management said that the new contract with Litasco, a large global company specializing in the trade of oil and petroleum products, and the cooperation with BP, as well as other users of its services, confirm the reputation and opportunities that JANAF has in the Mediterranean oil spot market in global oil companies, as well as oil traders, and in order to realize business cooperation with them, it is necessary to meet the highest standards of business excellence. Also, the new contract with Litasco shows the experience of the company’s management in recognizing oil market trends.

Namely, JANAF has concluded oil storage agreements with the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency (AZU), INA, MOL, Glencore, Petraco, Litasco and BP for the upcoming period, as well as oil transportation agreements with INA and MOL, as well as for the storage of petroleum products with AZU and Crodux.