Croatia, Okoli gas storage facility 61 % full

, SEE Energy News

As of 10 August, a total of 2.63 billion kWh of natural gas were in Croatia’s underground gas storage facility at Okoli, namely, the storage is 61 % full.

On 10 August, 38.15 million kWh of gas was injected, and considering that 1.78 million kWh was withdrawn, the daily injection balance was 36.38 million kWh.

According to the recommendations of the European Commission and the decision of the Croatian Government, the storage must reach 90 % capacity by 1 November.

At the beginning of June, the Government ordered state owned power utility HEP to acquire 270.8 million cubic meters of natural gas (approximately 2.5 billion kWh) and inject it in Okoli storage facility, in order to enable uninterrupted supply on the domestic market during the winter.

The filling rate increased recently, so compared to the end of July, more than a billion kWh of new gas volumes were injected. However, compared to 10 August 2021, the amount of stored gas is lower by 683 million kWh.