Croatia: Only Marubeni stays in competition for TPP Plomin C construction, Edison and KOSEP withdraw from competition?

13. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Supposedly even Korean KOSEP has given up from giving obligation offer for TPP Plomin C construction.

Croatian medias has reported that Croatia power utility company HEP remained without one more of potential strategic partners for construction of TPP Plomin C and it is South Korean KOSEP which was the third qualified bidder, next to Italian Edison and Japanese Marubeni.

Obligation offer is expected from this company at the moment. Korean lack of adaption to EU regulation for purchase is mentioned as one of the reasons for giving up.

International competition for TPP Plomin C was announced according to this regulation. Official confirmation of media speculations cannot be gained, exactly the opposite. “Information about procedure cannot be given while competition is in progress because of the rule for competition procedure in the project TEP-500 which is directed according to EU directive for purchase. We can only say that the three potential bidders are still in the game”, it is said in HEP.

Medias have announced earlier that Edison won’t give obligation offer to construction of TPP Plomin C and if Edison gives it up, KOSEP HEP will also be in very difficult situation because it will be difficult and impossible to negotiate without at least two bids for strategic partnership.

Obligation offers need to be delivered until the end of autumn. It is possible that HEP’s Administration confronted to such serious situation decides for change of competition bit cadre’s changes in investment sector can precede it. Big problem in government can occur in the case this competition fails.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/HEP/Croatian medias

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