Croatia: Plomin C coal TPP, controversial contract clause for power purchase

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Marubeni and HEP power utility are still fighting with Green NGOs over feasibility of new Plomin C coal fired TPP.

Croatian officials have recently hinted the closure of the announced project for the construction of the Thermal Power Plant Plomin C, based on coal imports. Problematic project Plomin C for months has been the subject of controversy in the Croatian public and the target of sharp criticism of the local public, primarily non-governmental organizations, who asked for its suspension.

From the Croatian Government has recently openly admitted what the non-governmental organizations argued for months – that the construction of the Thermal Power Plant Plomin C is economically and ecologically non-profitable investment. Recognition came only after Brussels and the European Union announced that it will launch an investigation into the state aid that the Croatian Government intends to provide for the project.

The Government in Zagreb earlier as the best partner for the construction of Plomin C chose the Japanese company Marubeni, but the project has not received the green light from the European Union. In fact, it was controversial clause under which the Croatia National Energy Company would purchase half the electricity at a fixed price from Marubenija, which in Brussels consider as the support that distorts market competition, transmits