Croatia: Power company HEP made profit from abundant rain, it produces 3 times more electricity

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Abundant rain, even snow in April is not the weather conditions that Croatian citizens are glad about, but exactly this meteorology situation is the reason for exceptional satisfaction at the top of Croatian industry.

Abundant rain amounts will significantly improve balance of national company after 18 months of almost immemorial draught that lasted the bigger part of 2011 and 2012. According to unofficial data from HEP, 2567 GWH of electricity was produced in domestic plants in the first three months of 2013 i.e. three times more than in the same period last year.

Production increase of 300 percent is the reason for the production of domestic HPPs was almost equal to production from 2010 one of most successful in the last two decades. This year was completed with profit of one and a half billion kunas and if this popular trend continues, this result can be repeated this year also. HEP’s plants are actually the backbone for domestic electricity system. The price of energy produced there is extremely low and the additional value for accumulation HPPs is that they are used for production of peak energy- the energy used for covering the consumption increase in certain periods of day. When HEP’s plants work in high capacity, the company has much lower needs for work of some older plants and import.

According to HEP’s data, import which was able to cover a half of consumption in the first three months was around 15%. We have to mention the fact that NPP “Krsko”, steady electricity producer, was out of work for several days. When we add the amounts of exported energy from Croatia in this period, net import of energy turns out to amount 2% of total consumption.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/HEP/Agencies