Croatia: Power market competition fight for clients, RWE offers cheaper power rates to Croatian households

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The RWE Energija company, which is part of the German RWE Group, on Tuesday presented three models of electricity supplies for households offering discounts of 5%, 7% and 10% in the first year and an additional 2% discount for households that conclude contracts on-line for electricity supplies.

“Even though some clients may be able to save 50% with our models in 2013, we do not wish to deceive citizens. Based on our pilot project for households in Croatia, it is realistic to expect long-term savings for an average household of between 5% to 15% in a year”, a member of RWE Energija’s management board, Miroslav Kulla told a press conference in Zagreb.

The company’s CEO Zoran Milisa said that the company wished to offer users the best service on the Croatian market and guaranteed savings in the first year and that they would have the best offer on the market in the years after that.

RWE Energija also provides electricity for small businesses and currently the company has around 600 clients.

Transferring to RWE Energija for electricity supplies can be done on-line and is simple, and once a contract is signed, RWE will see to all the necessary arrangements, adding that if anyone had overdue liabilities to the current electricity provider – Croatia’s HEP – they would not be able to change their power supplier.

Representatives of the Slovenian GEN-I electricity provider on Monday announced that they would offer Croatian households and small businesses electricity at a price that is up to 30% cheaper than currently provided by the Croatian state-owned HEP company.

Source;RWE Energija Croatia/Serbia Energy See desk