Croatia: Power supply market fight Gen-I vs Profection Energija

8. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

Gen-I made a row of formal mistakes in offers submission- competitors warned.

Slovenian electricity supplier company Gen-I can lose a major contract which can bring them big advertisement because of the complaint from second ranked bidder on competition for electricity supply to the state’s administration.

Company “Profection Energija” has claimed to the state’s commission for control of public supply that Gen-I made many mistakes in tender documentation, for example it didn’t delivered an adequate version of the HERA issued license, Tax Administration statement on their debt condition.

These mistakes have formal nature and these examples are the oftenest reason for breaking offers or even whole competitions. Gen-I offered 93 million HRK i.e. around 900.000 HR less that “Profection Energija” which can get prestige position in the case of positive opinion from DKOM.

Source; Croatian agencies/Serbia Energy See desk

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