Croatia: Power utility HEP adds 150 MW capacity to the grid through rehabilitation of HPP

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HEP is the leading renewable sources electricity generator, and by investing three billion euros into rehabilitation of hydro power plants by 2023 their capacity will be increased by 150 MW, said the President of HEP Management Board Perica Jukić at the Leader Energy Conference. When it comes to new facilities, HEP is now focused on new EL-TO in Zagreb as well as the new power plant in Osijek that should replace the old unit. Zoran Miliša from RWE Energy said that the electricity market has been growing since 2013 but that the prices for households are still very low and regulatory changes are not fast and efficient enough, therefore there is no real liberalization, especially in the household segment.

According to his opinion the future of gas procurement is in the unification of the market suppliers that should be reduced to only three or four. Mirko Lukić from INA said that the company will put into operation three new gas fields in Međimurje next year that will add 15 to 17% of gas to the company, and larger oil recovery is expected to be achieved through the application of EOR method. The consultant Ivica Jakić claims that the position of Croatia should be used and LNG-terminal should be constructed since thus we could supply the gas from the other countries to EU market and also increase the number of gas customers in the country. Assistant Minister of Economy Zdeslav Matić said that the guidelines for the preparation of the new energy strategy are ready, and that it will be harmonized with the Low-carbon Development Strategy, and there will be public hearing regarding this document by the end of the week. Hiroshi Tachigami, the President of Marubeni Europower repeated that Marubeni will not give up on the investment into coal-fired Plomin C, and that such investment is very important for Croatia. There is no plan B, claims Tachigami. Dejan Ljuština from PWC said that it is expected by the end of the century for the global temperature to be increased by 5 degrees Celsius, therefore low-carbon policy must be followed. “Croatia, when we speak about energy sector, has to start thinking smarter. Our future is in the development of solar energy. Thus, photovoltaic systems should be developed and maintained, and that could provide up to 10,000 new jobs” concluded Acting Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Ljubomir Majdandžić, transmits

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