Croatia: Power utility HEP closed a deal with Slovenia DSO co

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HEP will sell electricity to Slovenian SODO at the price of 44.39 eur/MWh to 44.42 eur/MWh

In February 2015, the company SODO Ltd. (Slovenian electricity distribution system operator) bought from HEP Trade the electricity for coverage of losses and guaranteed supply for the period 2016-2018, it has been confirmed to us in HEP.

As many as seven bidders had applied for the tender so HEP jsc. was the most favourable bidder for 2016 and 2017, and HSE won the tender for 2018. The total stipulated quantity of electricity for the two-year period, that HEP will sell to SODO, amounts to 1.109.130 MWh, which will ensure profit for the company as well as a significant increase in its share on this market.

As it was published at the SODO web site, during 2016, HEP will deliver electricity to SODO at the price of 44.39 eur/MWh. The price amounting to 44.42 eur/MWh has been achieved for 2017, and for 2018, electricity will be delivered by HSE at the price of 44.45 eur/MWh.