Croatia: Power utility HEP rejects RWE’s accusations

, SEE Energy News

HEP has rejected all the accusations of RWE that it is obstructing the process of Croatian electricity market liberalization, as well as the claims that 50 percent of all consumers who want to switch to RWE cannot do this because of the various obstructions by HEP.

In the statement, it is added that HEP welcomes the liberalization process but that it condemns the unfair and misleading methods used by certain suppliers, which include false representation, signatures falsification, unauthorized entry into the homes of citizens, false display of discounts and conclusion of contracts with insufficiently informed senior citizens.

HEP reminds that buyers are entitled to terminate the existing contract on electricity supply for any reason, whereas for the contracts concluded after 1st September 2015, all the buyers who have been deceived, i.e. misled during contract signing are entitled to a unilateral contract termination without the contractual penalty.

HEP appeals to the competent institutions to engage in the determination of scope of these occurrences and in sanctioning the responsible, and it invites the deceived citizens to report such cases to the police or to the regulatory agency HERA, transmits

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