Croatia: Power utility HEP to invest 218MEUR in NPP Krsko extension of operating span until 2043

, SEE Energy News

NPP Krško will not stop its operation in 2023 because its operating life is extended until 2043, meaning that Croatian power system will have another 28 years of electricity from this fundamental, stable and reliable source.

Based on the results of the study on economic justification of extension of Nuclear Power Plant operating life, created by PricewaterhouseCoopers from London, the members of the Supervisory Board of NPP Krško agreed on late November 2014 to extend its operating life until 2043. Regular operating lifetime of NPP Krško was supposed to end in 2023. PWC’s study confirmed that the lifetime extension of NPP Krško is better option than investing in replacement capacities, regardless of whether they are hydro, thermal or nuclear sources, as well it is cheaper than purchasing electricity in the market.

All that preceded the drafting of foregoing study and the decision of Supervisory Board of NPP Krško was revealed by its President Kazimir Vrankic HEP’s Journal’s new edition. He stressed that since the opening of NPP Krško, HEP has been continuously investing in technological renovation and maintenance of the plant, so that Krško today achieves a very high level of security, operational stability and reliability. It performed best in EU’s so-called stress test examinations, and according to the indicators of safety and reliability it belongs to the world top.

However, the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA) ordered the implementation of additional nuclear safety projects in NPP Krško, after the accident at the NPP Fukushima. The management set these projects as a key prerequisite for the approval of plant operation after 2023. Thus, the nuclear security upgrade program was prepared in NPP Krško, and later accepted by the SNSA. The Supervisory Board of NPP Krško then approved the long-term investment plan, with eight nuclear safety projects worth 218 million euros. Given the size of investments, HEP and GEN Energy as co-owners of the plant, agreed in early November 2013 on the preparation of the study on economic justification of extension of Nuclear Power Plant operating life, was stated by HEP.