Croatia: Production results of TPP Plomin 2 remarkable

, SEE Energy News

Production in the second unit of TPP Plomin in 2014.  exceeded billion of kwh earlier this week, it was announced by HEP state power utility company holding. TPP Plomin is co-managed by german RWE with state power utility HEP.

Total production of TPP Plomin 2 in the previous part of the year approximately corresponds to production of NPP Krsko in HEP’s dispose (50%), respectively to production of all other thermal power plants and thermal power and heating plants in Croatia, in the same period. ‘For us this is accomplishment is expected’, stated Mihajlo Mirkovic, member of Management board at TPP Plomin Plc.

Second unit of TPP Plomin, from 2002. to this day, except in 2009, regularly achieves 95-105% of planed production. Continuous high level of availability is a result of responsible, high-quality and committed work of all departments in the power plant, from the Production department that manages the technical systems of the power plant 24 hours a day, over Maintenance department that performs preventive and corrective activities with external contractors, to all other departments’, it is stated in the announcement.

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