Croatia, Public call for market premium for RES published

, SEE Energy News

The Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) has announced a public invitation to investors for its first auction to award market premiums to large renewable energy power plants and high-efficiency cogeneration plants.

The bidding procedure is organized according to the technologies – for wind power plants, solar power plants, biogas power plants, biomass power plants, hydro power plants and geothermal power plants, it will last 60 days and will be conducted in paper form.

HROTE notes that the public tender will be open exclusively for new projects. The quota for solar and wind power plants is 300 MW each, while the quota for biomass and biogas is 8 MW, respectively 4 MW for small hydropower plants and 10 MW for geothermal power plants.

The maximum price that investors can offer at the auction is 460.91 kuna (60.85 euros) per MWh for wind farms, while for solar power plants the maximum price is 495.63 kuna (65.45 euros) per MWh.

A market premium contract will be concluded with the project holders whose bids are accepted for 12 years from the activation of the contract, with the project holders having four years to build a production plant, put it into permanent operation and acquire the status of a privileged producer.

If all quotas from this public call were filled and the plants realized, Croatia would receive about 1.5 TWh of new renewable energy per year, according to HROTE.