Croatia Republika Srpska JV HPP Dubrovnik 2 might endanger Neretva valley

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Decrease of water supply will cause breakthrough of salt water in Neretva’s basin and its consequence will be enormous decrease of agricultural land in this area in Herzegovina.

Construction of HPP “Dubrovnik 2”, JV project of Croatia Energy company “Hrvatska elektroprivreda” (HEP) and Republic of Srpska energy company, might make salt desert from Neretva valley, stated environmental organizations.

Representative in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly Stjepan Krešic warned on this and asked for BiH Council of Ministers’ urgent action to prevent moves that can endanger citizens who live in Neretva valley in BiH. The same thing will happen to those people who live in the Neretva valley in Croatia called California.

16 km tunnel boring was planned with construction of HPP “Dubrovnik 2”, 152 MW strong. 5 km of this tunnel will go through BiH i.e. Ravno municipality.

This move of HEP and RS energy companies, as well as other plans to construct HPP “Nevesinje” will bring to taking even two billions of quadripartite meters yearly.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine