Croatia, RP Global develops 500 MW from solar and wind in Croatia

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The company RP Global intends to start the construction of wind farms and solar parks with a capacity of 500 MW in Croatia in the next five years, announced Bojan Rescec, director of this Austrian company for Croatia, which this year marks 20 years of business in Croatia.

Bojan Reščec told Balkan Green Energy News that despite administrative obstacles, he will soon start building new green energy power plants. He points out that the company has been waiting for the construction of the second phase of the Danilo wind farms near Šibenik and Rudina near Dubrovnik for six years.

According to him, the Danilo II project of 47 MW was returned to the re-assessment of the impact on the environment by the decision of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, because the project was adjusted to the new technology.

That is why they expect permits and the beginning of construction only at the end of next year, but they hope that for 35 MW of the Rudina II wind farm, that will happen before the end of this year.

RP Global plans to build five 115 MW solar power plants

Three years ago, more intensive development of solar power plants began and the construction of the Novalja power plant, with a capacity of 15 MW, is expected to begin by the end of the year. A request for energy approval has been submitted for five more solar power plant projects, which is an additional 100 MW in various stages of development, says Rescec.

He points out that RP Global was surprised by the recent announcement of the invitation to bid for the market premium before it is known when energy approvals will be issued, which, along with the location permit, are a prerequisite for participating in auctions. Rescec reminds that after the adoption of the new Law on the Electricity Market, the Ministry invited all investors who are developing projects to apply by January 19 in order to receive an energy approval, but those approvals have not been distributed so far.

The construction of a 200 MW power plant is expected in the next two years

He points out that they are also waiting for the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS) to get out of the chaos caused by the huge number of requests for connection to the network.

If the competent institutions enable that, in the next two years RP Global intends to start the implementation of about 200 MW of wind and photovoltaic power plants in Croatia, and is working to start construction on an additional 300 MW in the next five years, Rescec points out.


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