Croatia: RWE Energy has announced entry in the gas market

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RWE Energy enters in the Croatian gas market next year, announced Zoran Milisa, management president of RWE Energy. He reported that RWE Energy received a license and has been waiting for regulations that needed to be adopted and thereafter it would expand its service offering electricity to gas offer.


RWE Energy leaders have boasted on taking three -quarters of the market of alternative electricity suppliers . So far, most of their users are business users but in RWE Energy believe that this ratio will be equal to the population segments by the end of next year.

RWE Energy maintains its promise to Croatian users that will remain up to 12 percent more favorable than the dominant electricity supplier in the market. The process of the electricity market liberalization has begun with RWE coming to Croatia, which still is not completely finished since the adequate regulation necessary for the market competition performance among all participants has not been adopted.

However, they are not satisfied with the regulatory environment, so that these days along with other alternative operators will launch an initiative in order that HERA listen them and apply it when creating laws.

– We want the process to go faster. HERA has no obligation to accept and consult us but we believe that it would be welcome anyway, said Zoran Milisa, management president of RWE Energy.

They stress that currently the electricity costs are unrealistically low and will be difficult to continue the lowering prices trend. They welcome opening of the electricity exchanges in Croatia and want it to happen as soon as possible. He recognizes that suppliers currently enjoy “fantastic price “at which purchase electricity, regardless of multiple lifting fees for renewable energy sources.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk

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