Croatia: Sea pollution from Rijeka oil refinery

, SEE Energy News

According to oil company INA, which owns the Rijeka refinery, the cleaning process is expected to be finished soon. According to the initial findings, the source of pollution of the sea and the coast in Kostrena Municipality was the drain pipe in which hydrocarbons have accumulated and were flushed into the sea by heavy rainfall in the past few days.

The incident occurred on Thursday when hydrocarbons have spilled into the sea and broke through the protective dam. Specialized companies were notified immediately and affected area was quickly enclosed by floating booms in order to stop the pollution from spreading. The representatives of INA said that the affected area has about 100 square meters and the cleaning process is expected to be finished today, while there were no interruptions in the refinery’s operation.

The statement from INA said that further investigation will show why hydrocarbons were deposited in this drain pipe, and the polluted area will be under constant supervision of professional services in the following days. The results of the investigation will also help the company to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again, transmits