Croatia, Slovenia: RWE Croatia expands to Slovenian electricity market

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RWE Croatia has entered the neighbouring Slovenian market of electricity supply. RWE, which has been already presented in Croatia for two years, intends to offer to Slovenian customers the innovative high quality products, excellent customer support and maximum savings for households.

RWE plans to acquire 10,000 customers in its first year of operations in Slovenia, while the target for 2020th is 10% of market share, or more than 80,000 consumers.

“We are proud that we join Slovenia in our European energy spine, which now consists of 12 countries. In every market in which we work, we are recognized as a long-term, reliable and future-oriented partner that guarantees fair competition”, said Karl Kraus, a representative of the RWE Group.

“We believe that the entry of companies such as RWE, which is active in all stages of the energy chain, from production to distribution and supply of energy and energy services, will strengthen the Slovenian energy market, encourage competition and be for the benefit of all Slovenian consumers”.

Slovenian households will be able to choose between RWE’s sales package with contracts of one, two and three years, but also the products without an agreed duration. With a fair and competitive electricity prices, RWE also offers the energy-saving LED bulbs to their customers with a minimum monthly.

“We will help our customers to reduce power consumption up to 15%. We want to provide LED light bulbs to Slovenian household, which are great for both the environment and the household budget of consumers”, said Nikola Krecar, Managing Director of RWE in Slovenia.

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