Croatia: Slovenian power trader GEN-I offers 30% cheaper electricity to households and entrepreneurs

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Change of supplier is pretty simple and “the brave ones” are offered a month of free electricity.

Slovenian electricity trader GEN-I, power supplier which recently stepped into Croatia power market along with competitive RWE Energy, offered even 30% cheaper electricity to households and entrepreneurs with reference to the price offered by Croatian energy company HEP, on condition that their electricity price won’t increase until the end of 2015 and those who change a supplier will be given a month of electricity use for free.

Croatia has 2,1 million of billing users , 41% refers to households and 10% to entrepreneurship. These are aimed groups that GEN-I’s offer is referring to. Slovenians are planning to win Croatian market with “Cheap Electricity” brand and according to their words change of supplier should be simple within telephone or website application.

Robert Golob, President of GEN-I’s Administration, said on media conference that new users in segment of households will be able to save 30% thanks to tariff rates that will be at least 10% lower than current prices, free electricity in the first month of use and guarantee that price won’t increase until 2015. “The wrong impression that electricity in Croatia is cheap” was made. This only looks that way and that there is in fact enough space for competition entrance. We are not altruists we want to make a profit. Last year’s electricity price increase and fact that stock market prices have fallen in February made a space for competition entrance on Croatian market and making profit”, Golub explained.

They came out from electricity market with competitive consumption calculations. Households in the “blue” tariff model, whose annual production is 3.750 KWH without heating, will pay 1.774 HRK for electricity to HEP until the 1st August. If consumers change supplier to GEN-I , electricity will cost 1.491 HRK i.e. 289 HRK less (16%).

Slovenian power supplier and trader GENI in Croatia is present and it has imposed itself like supplier of public lighting in Zagreb, Sombor, Velika Gorica, Rijeka, Vinkovci, Sombor and it supplies also Konzum Tisak, Mercator, Hespo, Ferokotao and some other factories with electricity.

Considering that HEP’s supply still holds 98% of Croatian market, GEN-I’s participation is still very low, but it is in continual growth. Their goal is to attract 20.000 consumers by the end of 2013, they expect four times higher with reference to 2012, without project “Cheap Electricity”. The goal is to attract 20.000 consumers by the end of this year and they want even 17% of market participation within three years if households and business users are included. GEN-I is leading Slovenian supplier with electricity with 250.000 GWH of delivered electricity in last year and 1,5 billion income per 18 markets. 80.000 of Slovenian households are supplied with electricity and Croatian market is the first foreign market where they decided to offer this service.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Croatia agencies