Croatia: Slovenia’s GEN-I further lowers power prices in Croatia power market

26. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Slovenian provider GEN-I said on Tuesday Croatian households and small businesses were showing a lot of interest in its power supply offer and, prompted by competitors’ offers, announced that its prices would be lower not ten but 12.5 per cent than those by the Croatian state-owned power supplier HEP.

GEN-I yestarday presented its “Cheaper Electricity” offer, offering lower prices than HEP’s and guaranteeing contracted prices until the end of 2015 at least. The company estimated that those who chose its services by the end of this July could count on up to 30 per cent cheaper electricity by the end of the year.

The offer was presented at noon on Monday and in only 24 hours nearly 4,000 people contacted the provider’s call centre and its website recorded more than 10,000 hits, GEN-I said today.

GEN-I has also received 240 e-mails with questions about the offer as well as 330 queries from various organisations, institutions, households and small businesses.

Another company presented its power supply offer for households today, RWE Energija, offering three models with discounts of five, seven and 10 per cent in the first year. If the supply is contracted online, the company offers an additional two-percent discount and a HRK 150 bonus.

Commenting on the RWE offer, GEN-I said the key difference was that in GEN-I’s offer clients had no contractual obligations and the first month power was free, even if the client decides to go back to the previous provider or switch to another one.

GEN-I has been active in Croatia four years, providing electricity to big companies, the City of Zagreb and other city administration offices and institutions. The company plans to have 20,000 clients in Croatia by the end of this year, 50,000 in 2014 and a 17 per cent market share in three years.

Source; Croatian agencies/Serbia Energy See desk

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