Croatia: Spectrum Norway ignores the state’s demands on the implementation of environmental protection during its oil and gas exploration assessment

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Even after three months the Norwegian company “Spectrum”, which seismically was recording the Adriatic Sea as the preparation for the competition for oil and gas exploration, did not send the report to Croatian institutions on the implementation of nature protection during these recording.

If “Spectrum” already thinks it can play with Croatian law, if the minimum of environmental protection is not respected, what we can expect when in the Adriatic arrive much stronger players, asks H-alter. The conditions of nature protection conducted for “Spectrum” researches from September last year to January 19th this year and issued by the Ministry of Environment and Nature have been so far the only mention of nature and the environment throughout the procedure of Adriatic dividing to the private capital.

These conditions dictated “Spectrum” to have experts on their ships who are supposed to monitor marine mammals and other animals. They supposed to send report to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, which is responsible for scientific research, which it should forward to MZOIPU. However, as the H-Alter informs, even after more than three months after the deadline, Spectrum did not send the report. “Upon completion of the survey, in March this year, the Ministry asked for a report through diplomatic channels. From March to June this year, we asked for several times for a report on the conducted research through the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, but also we still have not received it. The last urgency note to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs was sent in mid-June”, reply from MZOS to H-alter. About inquiries such as penalties for violating the nature conditions and how many more ministries will ask the Norwegian company to remember to respect the laws of Croatia, from a MZOIP did not respond them until the completion of this article.

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