Croatia: State seeks consultants for oil exploration tender preparation

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Ministry of Economy published a public call for consultant, on who the Ministry of Economy would be rely for a period of 13 months regarding the preparation of tenders conducting for the hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation. The work is worth 653.504 EUR plus VAT, and the tender is open until the end of the year, and candidates can be companies who have experience in the preparation and implementation of such public bidding.

The experience is crucial in international business development of economic scenarios based on the estimated hydrocarbons reserves, as well as the ability to compare certain fiscal conditions with the best global practices and to analyze their impact on the economy. Ministry of economy MINGO consultant would be involved in the preparation of tender documentation and conditions for the hydrocarbons exploitation, determining the criteria for the tenders and contracts evaluation, as well as permits for drilling. Consultant will prove its competence by the services that he has done during this and in the previous four years. Process of recording underwater 2-D seismic data runs parallel, and the minister Vrdoljak in an interview for the magazine Banka said that many were interested in Spectrum data. Exxon Mobil has signed a pre-contract to retrieve data for the whole Adriatic, while Total, ENI and Marathon Oil signed preliminary contracts for a part of the data, with an open option to buy more.

A total of 50 companies have expressed interest in research in the Adriatic. Such interest was recorded at a conference in London, where Spectrum presented fifth of so far collected data. “We only have 12 wells in the Adriatic, and the Italians have 189. In other projects I possibly can make mistake, but in this – believe me – I will not”, said Vrdoljak.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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