Croatia: Status of electricity stock exchange & guarantees for the electricity origin?

, SEE Energy News

According to some realized planned activities, Croatian electricity stock exchange will be operational early next year.

The intensive operational preparations of optimization software for trading and transactions settlement are underway, as well as the necessary additional consultations related to coupling market, which will determine the exact date to start trading because the stock exchange isolated outside of international flows is not sustainable.

In connection with the introduction of the Register, by gaining status of full member in the AIB (central European authority for issuing certificate), HROTE proved to be fully staffed and ready to start trading with “green certificates” after HERA adopts the necessary Methodology for determining the electricity origin.

This is exactly in progress and we expect it to be completed by the end of this month, in order that, at the next session of the General Assembly AIB on November 1st, 2014th in Prague, be officially designated the implementation start and final realization of this, besides the electricity stock exchange, also a very important project for the state and HROTE, which then becomes a national certificate issuer.

This project provides to eligible electricity producers from RES, which are not in the standard system of incentives under the Tariff system for RES, to trade and sale the electricity to all interested buyers in the EU, because the demand for such
“green” energy exists and it grows.