Croatia: Sustainable approach needed for RES and oil/gas projects

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Energy Environmental Policy EU gave us the opportunity to better valorize and capitalize on the potential of renewable energy sources, primarily hydro, wind, sun. If renewable sources are put into function development policy, which will be a clear and transparent way to spend public administration, then become the foundation of our higher value, better competitiveness and reducing poverty.Make a wise and mature laws and procedures.

This short review aims to explain the absurd situation as it occurred in Croatia society and that for a long time in Croatia hampers any efforts to take place projects especially in energy sector. Civil societies all recognize that, if proven, potential gas and oil reserves increases in the value of the national wealth but also, and thus consequently reducing the indebtedness of the country. So to think in the case of renewable energy sources. If they put in function of the development policy of the country, which will be a clear and transparent way to spend public administration, then become the foundation of our higher value, better competitiveness and reducing poverty. But lets start from the beginning and what all citizens should understand-what does natural potential and energy represent the European Union.

The official web site of the European Union reads: “The European Union is based on the rule of law: all her actions are based on contracts which decided voluntarily and democratically by all Member States.Thus are binding agreements established objectives of the EU in a number of areas of activity. Energy is the traffic actually the most important area of activity in order to achieve low carbon economic development. Energy policy with its goals is therefore common to the member states and each state has the obligation to the common objectives at national level realized in accordance with its sole discretion(in short: it’s right to choose its own energy mix).
This is because energy resources, but also the economic and technological level of development of individual Member States, not the same. Let’s go back briefly to another quote from the already mentioned portal “Single or internal market is the main economic engine of the EU, which is greatly facilitated by the free movement of goods, services, money and people. Another key objective is to develop the capital to Europeans than it had a greater benefit.’’

So our potential that we refer to and value of national wealth, will be evaluated on a single or “internal” EU market. This part is clear of us when it comes to the various goods and services and even oil and petroleum products, but how much is clear when we come to issues related to the European market of gas and electricity in particular? How many of us are aware that Croatia is still at the end of the chain of supply of gas and how much they earn to the gas transported to us? How many of us are aware that a new power plant on the existing site, the coal that arrives by sea, it becomes a competitor in a very short time, and made today, threatens the future work of a series of bad plants with older technologies for future decades?How many of us are aware that we have to let entrepreneurs and businesses to operate, and that the property of the state is no different in the concept of ownership of any other legal and private persons, as long as they’re not manage from a position of privilege, but so that all have equal treatment ?Energy Environmental Policy EU gave us the opportunity to better valorize and capitalize on the potential of renewable energy sources, primarly hydro,wind,sun. In addition, the EU has said it is our obligation to do it in a clear and transparent manner, without discrimination and preferential treatment in state-owned companies. Getting back to the legislative and institutional framework for the exploration and exploitation of hydro carbons. It was passed in accordance with all the requirements and positive European and international practice .As in Europe,especially dynamic process related to new environmental directives in various sectors, they must be monitored and implemented, but that does not mean that example, that moment to stop exploitation in the North Sea, because something new was adopted at the European level.

So, in Croatia is rounded legislative and institutional framework, an open contest where everyone had the right to attend pre-set the “rules of the game” and if hydrocarbons are found, they will be greeted with joy in the European market, where we are, but in our state budget. Now there should pose the question: what is the potential energy of water, wind, solar, biomass, waste? Do they have a market value? Of course that they have! They have, because they can be converted into electrical and thermal energy to be sold on the market.Thus the potential worth as much as hydrocarbons,and in the future value will grow. Unfortunately, until now we did not recognize that value, and the new bill on renewable situation may become even worse. Apparently, having no money (but before you could say the mood and knowledge) we have allowed the development of renewable energy technologies without property, without the participation of local communities in projects, without mature consideration and evaluation of the multiplier effects that these projects are community can bring. For natural resources of the country did not have the strength and knowledge to create a legislative and institutional framework similar to that applied in the EU, and with us recently for hydrocarbons. Such a mature approach actually includes clear and transparent, well-prepared competition, the rules of the game known in advance and procedures for all without discrimination by the state.It is impossible to understand that we pretend we do not know how much potential in areas where the state owns, and that need to tell us individual investors who make somewhere on state land building or can served with it.

Needless to re-enter in the models of primitive accumulation of selective allocation of such rights, example the use of biomass for plants that will never be built, but are used for the allocation of energy resources that are being exported because on our biomass counted when they are build in neighboring countries large power plants. We are paying the export of waste which is the raw material for power plants or competitive cement production in the neighborhood, and also defending in their own country. A lot of absurdity in whose removal does not work, and citizens no longer have the internal resources to finance the construction of facilities that do not bring jobs to them and create levies.On the other hand, these citizens, as it stands now,does not allow him to participate in energy transition with what they have already paid through the shore on the electricity network. Do not allow them to be immediately consumed electricity in your house where it is produced, and the surplus, if any, deliver in the network, which is technically and financially relieved. It denies them the right to participate in the universal supply of electricity which is common in Europe as a term by modern civilization, but still insist on a model that supports the import. And so it is today in the 21st century,when all we can build a better and better,when we have a lot more knowledge about what and how we should guard and protect, politically inexcusable conduct a policy of witch-burning or burning projects under the guise of environmental deny our energy potential and the potential of our geographical position. Make a wise and mature laws and procedures. We let our energy potential to compete in the common market. Let’s be sure that would not advise to us and do no one on the side. Let’s start to appreciate yourself and will do so and others.