Croatia: Tender for the TPP Urinj modernization announced

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Tendering for a feasibility study drafting of modernization of TPP Rijeka (Urinj) location will be published next month, we find out from the Croatian Power Utility Company (HEP). According the HEP representative, Mirela Klanac, the study should be completed by the middle of 2014th and all decision variants will be reviewed and evaluated according the project task set up.

The future modernization project of TPP Rijeka is part of the total HEP business activities aimed at the realization of the development-investment cycle, while meeting the obligations arising from EU membership. Croatia, namely, must ensure compliance of industrial plants with emission limit values ​​according to EU directives by 1st January 2018th. If the facilities do not meet the requirements, they will have to stop operating or to pay high penalties for exceeding the limit values ​​for pollutant emissions.

Newer HEP’s thermal power units such as K and L in the TE-TO Zagreb meet fully and without the additional investment all the requirements of the EU directive. For other plants, including also TPP Rijeka, Ministry of Environmental Protection will prescribe alignment measures. General measures of adjustment for older plants using liquid fuel will be transpose on natural gas as the primary fuel and the use of fuel oil with less than 1 percent sulfur content from 1st  January 2015th . From 1st  January 2018th  the plants will be able to meet the emission limit values ​​using only fuel oil with less than 0.23 percent sulfur content, and azote and asphalt  content less than 0.05 percent.

Plants will not be able to meet the emission limit values ​​by using only the basic measures – the use of natural gas; they will have to do revitalization over the implementation of individual prescribed measures. However, given that the installation of new expensive equipment is not cost-effective in the majority of thermal power plants due to the plants age, HEP need to think about the construction of a new replacement, more efficient and more environmentally friendly production units at existing locations.

HEP management put the special emphasis on investments in existing production facilities in its program work and investment in existing facilities will be based on an analysis of the possibility of life extension of existing or construction of new production facility.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk

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