Croatia: The Green want a clear stance of new Government regarding TPP Plomin C

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The green are worried that the State wants to push the construction of TPP Plomin C by all means. Power utility HEP, Marubeni and Alstom under new pressure wave from Greens.

Green Action, Greenpeace and Green Istria invited Prime Minister Orešković and Minister of Economy Panenić to publicly explain the attitude of the Government on TPP Plomin C and to declare whether they have the intention to use a different approach to still build that plant. A temporary moratorium on the construction of thermal power plants is one of the key guidelines of action of the new Government, but it is by no means sufficient, say the Green. “It is necessary to definitively and permanently give up on Plomin C and finally stop wasting time on such an expensive and environmentally damaging project. After all, the idea of ​​building the thermal power plant was rejected in the referendum by 94% of citizens of the Labinština region,” the statement said. They are concerned by the information that sources from the Government definitely say that they want to continue with this project, while they are looking for a way of doing it that will not be in conflict with EU rules. According to unofficial information, the European Commission is not inclined to allow the conclusion of a contract between HEP ​​and Japanese investors because of guaranteed purchase price, which is a kind of a permanent state aid coming from the pockets of citizens, which in most cases is not permitted in the EU. Therefore, the Government, according to the article in Jutarnji wants a different way to access the building of Plomin C, in a way that construction or financing conditions are not an issue for the European Commission, transmits