Croatia, There is no gas leak at INA’s sunk Ivana D platform

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Croatian oil company INA denied claims by Greenpeace that gas is leaking from the sunk offshore platform Ivana D in the Adriatic Sea, adding that the company regularly monitors the condition of the platform and there are no visible changes in its condition.

Unmanned Ivana D offshore gas platform sank in the northern Adriatic in December 2020 due to strong winds. Earlier this week, Greenpeace showed a video, according to which gas bubbles are leaking from the rusty pipes at the bottom of the Adriatic.

INA is adamant that there is no leak at the platform, adding that in the event of a potential gas leak due to high pressure in the gas reservoir, visible bubbles would be drastically larger than those shown in the video. INA claims that visible bubbles are a natural phenomenon of a methane gas discharge from a sandy or muddy sea bottom due to bacterial activity, adding that the area on northern Adriatic is known for this phenomena.

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