Croatia: TSO Co HOPS updated a list for connection of wind farms

, SEE Energy News

For the second time this year, Croatian Transmission System (HOPS Ltd.) updated a list of wind farms to be connected to its power network.

According to the latest census, in operation are in operation still 254.45 MW of wind power plants, but in the experimental work has entered another wind farm, Zelengrad-Obrovac power of 42 MW. Currently is in total in experimental work as much as 85 MW of wind power.

In addition to the list of wind farms for connection to the electricity grid which enters in the quota, wind farm Rudine of 35 MW capacity is added, and there is now on the list a total of 81.5 MW. The list of wind farms that have connection agreements, but not entering the quota, have 109 MW. The total used power from approved quota (which is 400 MW) with Rudine now is 420.95 MW. HOPS is currently working on further possibilities for expanding the quota for other wind farms that have signed a contract for the purchase of electricity.

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