Croatia: US vs Italian & Hungary oil companies compete for oil concession in Adriatic

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The American company Marathon oil, Italian ENI and Croatian INA will explore and exploit oil and gas in the Adriatic sea.

The Expert Commission, among others, accepted their offers for the exploration and exploitation of the Adriatic, which weresubmitted on the public tender terminated on November 3rd.

The Commission forwarded decision to the Government which will discuss about it next week. Six companies applied at the tender.

Among the chosen companies is the largest Italian ENI, which is considered by forceas the fourth energy company in the world.

In expert circles, the most strongly echoed the offer of US Company Marathon Oil Corporation. It is one of the leading companies for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas.

Although there is great skepticism in the public for the entire project, petroleum experts argue that the bids and selection of companies are great successfor Croatia. At the same time they point out that no company appliedon the tender for the sea exploration along the Canadian coast closed at the end of November.

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