Croatia; Why did Ombla HPP project team failed to present its benefits to wider public

, SEE Energy News

Experts ask themselves a reasonable question: Can we still “improve nature” by controlling the water output from our underground cistern and use its energy potential at the same time- first: It to spread by draught areas in region by itself and second: To launch some modern mill car?

We have greeted that finally! Realization of the Ombla project is postponed, but for how long? Is it until further notice or soon? It is interesting to follow how one fully equipped strategic infrastructure object becomes a subject of manipulative research and bureaucratic slowdowns and disputes.

I think we have made a mistake in the way of correct and concrete report of interested public from very beginning which finally left enough space for unprofessional and malicious analysis and so slowdown of the whole project.

Project is being presented as hydro energy from the start, although it is primarily agricultural, according to its temperament and importance. Instead of talking about significance of Ombla project in context of stable water supply to Dubrovnik and wider, we continuously stress hydro potential of 68 MW of installed power and annual production of 225 GWH of electricity which didn’t impress spoiled public.

During the time of confirmable climate changes, we are witnesses of weather picture complexity with intensive meteorology events of abundant and short rainfalls and long, dry and hot summers that are out of centuries’ averages. Rainfall in Dubrovnik this year was as big as in the whole 2012. Thoughts of meteorology experts are that weather extremes will still be enforced setting additional requests for accepting big amounts of water in short periods and stable water supply in draught periods.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Ombla NGOs