Croatia:Everyone against the National Action Plan for RES

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In MINGO say that the National Action Plan for RES is not binding but provides guidance

New Law on Renewable Energy Sources, along with by-laws principles will be adopted by the end of next year, and in the Ministry of Economy it has been intensively working on the new tariff system for RES. Encountering numerous critics at the expense of the National Action Plan for RES, which limits the RES development, MINGO said that the document would be adopted by the end of the month. ”

Public hearing conference on the national RES plan broight different opinions, report by Serbia Energy See desk.

Zeljko Sucic, director of Forest biomass within the company Croatian Forests, said that this company on the tender contracted the delivery of 700.000 tons of biomass over the 14 years on 24 contracts, of which in 19 cases in terms of cogeneration. Overall, Croatian forests have additional 100.000 tons of biomass per year. “The question is whether all projects will be implemented, but there is already a reserve”, said Sucic on the panel on RES. Prices of wood chips and fuel wood are considerably less than abroad, to which the President of HSUSE, Ljubomir Majdandzic replied that the state should ban the export of raw wood, so that in the wood semi-products and products would opened 50.000 jobs. Herman Seidl, director of Agrokor Energija, announced that the company would dispose a total of 450,000 tons of animal excrement in five biogas plants. “Last year, 1 MW of biogas plant was between 4.5 to five MEUR, next year the price will fall on 3.2 to 3.5 MEUR, and in a few years it will be about 3 MEUR, which makes investment in biogas very cost effective”, said Seidl.

It was discussed about the RES acceptance in the nationa grid, so from the HOPS presented data on a total of 246 MW wind power plants in operation and 162 MW under construction. “Quota of 400 MW for wind power plants is a physical quantity, not administrative barriers”, noted Dragutin Mihalec from HOPS. It was asked how to prevent speculation in RES projects and participants agreed that interested in investing in RES should pay an advance on the port, so if they did not realize it, the means would stay for network development.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk

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