Croatian electricity market model and participants

24. May 2012. / Uncategorized

Adoption of the Energy Act, the Act Amending the Energy Act, the Electricity Market Act and the Energy Activity Regulation Act created necessary conditions for gradual opening of the Croatian electricity market. The article covers short insight into on market model, market participants, change of supplier mechanism and balancing energy model.

There is only one electricity market in Croatia. In the initial phase of the market opening, the model of bilateral market has been chosen and the electricity trading has been carried out through bilateral contracts.

Electricity Market Rules regulate relations and activities in the electricity market, as well as determine obligations and duties of market participants in the process of electricity trading.

These Rules are binding for all electricity market participants.

Market model

The framework for performing energy activities in the electricity market is established by energy related acts, while secondary legislation elaborates legal provisions.

In Croatia there are:

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