Croatian energy company HEP is looking for strategic partner for Plomin C thermal power plant, RWE to get competition

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HEP has started today the selection of strategic partner for the construction of thermal power plant Plomin C, thet will work on coal, which is an investment of 800 million of euros worth, and it is expected that the strategic partner will be chosen in the first quarter of the next year, while the predicted deadline for project completion is between 2015th and 2017th.

By announcing the public call today, the project of construction of the major energy object that Croatia has ever had, has begun, said the president of HEP administration Zlatko Koracevic.

The first vice-president of government and minister of economy Radimir Cacic, emphasizes that Plomin C is Croatian strategic interest, and he repeated several times that one of the key criteria for partner selection will be technology that guarantees the highest environmental protection.

Cacic underlines that the interest of potential investors for this project exists.

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