Croatia:”RWE Energy” wants to enter gas supply wholesale market

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“RWE Energy” supplies of electricity 10.800 households in Croatia, so they submitted request for getting permission for the gas supply. “RWE Energy” initiated the process of request submission for the gas supply license, but only at the beginning of 2014. will be made a business decision whether and when will enter in this segment of the service.

In mid- June, “RWE Energy” presented its offer of electricity supply of Croatian households and offered a lower price compared to the HEP , and as of today, will be applied lower HEP prices , also “RWE Energy ” offers the new prices in order to still have a lower price compared to the HEP .

In early June, “RWE Energy ” had about 3.000 users in the category of households, and in early September, that number increased to 10.800, and they expect further growth.

“RWE Energy ” offers three contract models to household – on one, two or three years, and the citizens who sign contracts for longer periods get higher discounts, and they also offer an additional discount of 2% for online applications .

The company has more than one thousand of privileged customers, and in early September they came out with a special offer for small businesses that, as they say, can choose the best price. From the company repeat its goal to take 10 % of the Croatian market over the next three years.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk

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