Djerdap 3, new HPP project background and regional pricing influence

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With construction of new Djerdap 3 reversible hydro power plant Serbian Energy system would have the option to pump the night extra surplus to accumulation lakes while installed power of Djerdap 3 would be 2.400MW, almost 34% of current energy capacities in Serbia.

Belgrade company Energroprojekt back in 1973 delivered the first project design proposal for Djerdap 3. Experts from the region are saying that such project is very expensive for Serbia and even for all countries in the region, for this project a strategic partner would surely be required.

According to the feasibility projections Djerdap 3 hydro power plan on Danube river would produce 7, 6 bill kwh and only at night during low peak period when there are no adequate buyers with appropriate price and when the consumption is low. This energy would be used for pumping the water back in the reversible lake so the electricity power would be used in high peak periods when the price and operation are most profitable. The conditions for such energy power generation, except Serbia, only exist in Holland.

With Djerdap 3 and its 850 mill kwh of electricity Serbia would be in position to influence the regional electricity price.

Additional benefit is that such reversible HPP would provide security to energy system of Serbia and during most vulnerable time periods, during high peaks of consumtion. In case that such facility in constructed in near future Serbia will be in position to collect all surpluses on European market and after to use that energy for forward sales with bigger prices.

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