Drina river hydro power generation opportunities

1. March 2012. / Uncategorized


Serbia and Republic of Srpska, together with strategic investing partners, are planning to invest in hydro power plants on Drina river more than 900 mill euros, stated yesterday Minister of Energy and Industry in Republik of Srpska.

The cooperation of two countries lasts for years now, strategic agreement signed last year made a formal framework for cooperation and joint activities.

Some key identified areas are research and project design of hydro power plants, joint development of transmission networks as well as regional trade and energy balancing.

As priority in joint hydro energy development strategy are implementation of hydro projects, middle stream of Drina river. That complex area of Middle Drina includes the construction of three power plants Rogacica, Tegare and Dubravica. According to the estimations the value of the projects is 900 mil euro. It is important to mention that Serbia and Italy already have agreement on energy transfer, the contract between EPS ( Electric Power of Serbia) and Italian Secci Energy.

New projects could fit into existing international cooperation agreements as two regional energy companies, from Serbia and Replik of Srpska, already have cooperation technical agreement. This concrete technical platform regulates electricity exchange and supply and joint management of Visegrad and Bajina Basta hydro power plants.

Minister of energy of Republik of Srpska also mentioned other key investments such as third unit in power plant Ugljevik in partnership with Comsary energy. Stanari power plant owned by EFT, the project in cooperation with Donfang electric corporation with project value of 400 mil euro. Bosna river will host several hydro power plants, investment of Tehnor energy from Norway in value of 280 mil euro.

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