DSO companies in Serbia held a technical meeting on future system improvements

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Meeting of DSO companies in Serbia, operating under the umbrella of Serbian energy company (EPS) was held this week and address the issues of technical improvement of the system, procurements and technical losses in low voltage distribution network.

Vladimir Kulpinska from PD “Elektrovojvodina” and his associates presented a system to analyze the flow of electricity along power and water control devices to customers. The system consists of measuring equipment and software, and has been developed for the detection of occurrence of non-technical losses in low voltage distribution network.

– Measuring devices are placed immediately after the start of the water, the middle and end before or at the ramifications of water and using the software determines the electricity consumed by each pillar area – said Kulpinska. – This compares the measured energy with the energy registered on the meters of customers and precisely is the difference of these two values. If it exists, it clearly indicates that it is a theft of electricity.

The presentation was met with approval of the Technical Council members and others present, especially due to the fact that at the state level leads to a comprehensive action to reduce the total energy losses, especially non-technical (commercial).

After reports of Slobodan Kujovic, Director of Planning of the distribution system in a group of business and investment strategy for EPS and a member of the Working Team for updating technical reference TP-2, members of the Technical Council adopted the draft technical recommendations TP-2a1 “Technical requirements for insulators for MV distribution overhead lines “, which is the current TP-2 repealed.

– The adoption of this recommendation provides the opportunity to distributors for use of insulators made of new, modern materials, namely polymers (silicone rubber insulators). In addition, TP-2a1 closer to defining the technical characteristics of porcelain and glass insulators. The recommendation calls for the current Serbian and international standards and regulations, so it does not favor any of the manufacturer and the distributors is required to define the technical requirements for procurement of all types of insulators – said Miroslav Bosancic.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by representatives of the “Elektro-Bijeljina,” in the framework of cooperation between EPS and the Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska (BH). Collaboration is significantly increased in last years due to the upcoming joint RES projects and overall market reform.