EBRD & KfW funded project, Environmental protection improvement in MB “Kolubara

, Mining

Technical teams of EPS and MB “Kolubara” are working intensively on a number of activities for this project. Published are the tender for the procurement of excavator for overburden excavation and a Call for the procurement of belt conveyor systems and spreaders and for the consultant service for the part of the project that is planned for financing from funds of KfW bank stated Milorad Grcic Director of Kolubara mines company.

The Plan envisages that the tender for the procurement of power supply systems is announced as the last one of all the packages, because of the dynamic compliance with the completion of procurement. The goal of this project is to provide secure and continuous supply of coal and the rational management of natural resources, including the reduction of air pollution in thermal power plants that burn coal from Kolubara basin. This project is of technological, environmental and social importance. The implementation will ensure the use of uniform quality coal that is mined in the open pits of “Kolubara”, which will increase the efficiency of the Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” and TPP “Morava”.

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