ECCL system Overhaul in OPM Field “B” under way BWE 4, the most demanding in terms of overhaul

26. July 2013. / Mining

Planned annual overhaul of ECCL coal system of the OPM Field “B” started on 5 June. The repair works are carried out by workers of “Kolubara Metal” under the supervision of Field “B” employees.

Part of the work is done in mechanical and electrical workshops of this mine. Capital overhaul cover the BWE 4, the  Mobile Transfer Conveyor (MTC) 1200and the crusher. Having taken into account the scope of planned activities on BWE 4, which during the year had  several failures, the overhaul of this machine was planned to last a bit longer.

The head of ECCL system, Mr. Nenad Simić, says that this will not affect the continuous production of coal because the system would be back in operation as planned, on 30 June, involving the excavator BWE 4 and the drag line EŠ-25. The Deputy  Head of Mechanical Service of Field “B”, Mr. Dušan Živanović told our newspaper that the overhaul of BWE 4was to involve extensive mechanical works. He especially emphasized the works on the excavator superstructure.

– Certainly the bulk of the work on the excavator super structure  the installation of ball-thrust bearing, because there has been wear and damage to the bottom and to praces. During this process, balls and cages of the bearing will be replaced. In order to improve the excavator efficiency in the future,  the slewing mechanism gearboxes  of the excavator and BC II will be dismantled  and all damaged elements replaced- said Mr.  Živanović.

– The “MTC 1200” will not go through extensive repair jobs. The drives of Belt Conveyor 1 will be dismantled and replaced due to an improper axial move of the gearbox. On this machine, small and big bogies will be also replaced  with new ones, which should greatly enhance the machine operation-stressed Mr. Živanović.

The planned electrical work under the capital overhaul was explained by Mr. Nemanja Đurić, an electrical engineer at the ECCL system.

– The overhaul comes at the right time for BWE 4.During the year, the excavator  operated under very hardworking conditions, leading to frequent breakdowns, notably because of failures at slewing mechanisms i. e. gearboxes, so it’s a good time to resolve these issues. As one of the most challenging work ahead of us is the extraction of the slip ring and its machining because the rings are in a very poor condition and they are the ones that have made most problems in the past – said Mr. Djurić.

As a novelty, our interviewee pointed that for the first time not a single electric motor has been sent to the “Kolubara Metal”, because their teams performed an on-spot inspection of the motors. According to Mr. Djurić, this is a good innovation because in this way, both time and costs are saved.

The overhaul shall include usual activities such as service of control and power units, and settling the issues of lighting and the vulcanization of HV cables that was skipped during the system operation to avoid more system stoppages.
On the MTC 1200,in addition to small-scale corrections on slip rings, standard electrical repair works are envisaged to take place. As for the crushers, not too extensive mechanical or electrical works are envisaged by the plan.

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